Launch own website? Where?

Wanna launch your own website? Looking for the best web host?? But don’t know ABC of HTML or web design? Then, consult a web designing firm, spend some money and get it launched. Keep paying the firm often for site maintenance……………..and at last…turn a bankrupt!!!

Or, visit Shortal, a really really cool free web host. It not just hosts your web pages, but helps to build your own web site from the scratch. It doesn’t make any difference whether you know HTML or not. Shortal gives 50 MB of space for storing whatever you want to.

The most interesting thing about Shortal is that it has a built-in web page editor, which helps you build web pages instantly. It is WYSIWYG too!!! So, What You See Is What You Get.

And what’s more? Shortal has a built-in emailing, blogging and snip URL facilities. Oh, I’m short of words. Just visit


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