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How to use Rich Text Formatting in Facebook

This article is also available as a Note on my Facebook page at

In order to use rich text formatting (bold, italic, mono, link) in Facebook, the text should be posted as a Note instead of a Post.  To add a note, do as follows:

Go to your Facebook Profile Page. Under More menu, go to Manage Sections.


The list of Sections will be displayed.  Check Notes and click Save.


Now, access Notes under More menu on the Profile Page. Go to More > Notes on Profile Page


On the Notes page, click Add Note button.


The Note composing window will open.  You can give a title to the note, select any typed text and apply bold, italic, mono and link effects. Images can be added and image captions can be given.

5  This is a sample note

A Note can be saved or published.  FB has autosave option too.

Happy RTF-ing on FB 🙂


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