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W(V)isit – Watch – Write

Are you a newbie to web development? Are you looking for a good place on the Web to learn about the Web? Come to w3schools, the best place for online Web Tutorials. w3schools is a good place to start learning about web design and development. With its simple language, it takes you to a journey to the fascinating world of the World Wide Web. This is a good entry point to the world of web development. w3schools has tutorials beginning with simple HTML to the latest AJAX, from ASP to PHP and from SQL to WML.

Its “Quick Starters” section contains sample programs and examples sufficient enough to understand the basics of web development. And that’s not all ! you can even get your web pages validated by w3schools. And there’s certification too !

Select the tutorial from the menu on the left of the home page.

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Writing for the Web: A Primer for Librarians

Writing for the Web: A Primer for Librarians is an excellent web document written exclusively for the library community. Eric H. Schnell takes you through a fascinating journey into the world of the Web. From the rudimentaries to the Advanced concepts of the web are presented in the simplest manner. This document is authored not to serve as an in-depth HTML guide for librarians, but as an introduction to Web content creation. With a well-arranged table of contents, list of more useful readings at the end of each chapter, a compact list of references and a glossary, this document is an indispensable source to gain a minimal knowledge of the web content creation process and tools.

Most interestingly, it is fully free!!!

Check out the table of contents at

Browsing Guide For You

“Don’t Type Just Click” says, a comprehensive guide to websites organized into different categories you ever wished for. Be it music, sports, online shopping, education, TV, news or anything, Browsing Guide is always at your service. You can find a clean alphabetical index at the top as well as bottom of the home page. Easy to read ‘n’ easy to browse with Browsing Guide For You.

Log on to Browsing Guide For You at

Clicking is fun at 🙂

Roll your own search engine at Rollyo!

“I wish I had my own search engine.” Now, take back those words. Here’s Rollyo, giving you a chance to roll your own search engine. Create a searchroll (that’s what rollyo calls it) of your own with websites to search from. Each searchroll can have a maximum of 25 websites to search. A great chance to narrow down your search to only a few sites. That’s not all, you may edit the other public searchrolls too!!! is an answer to those searching for information in specific sites frequently.

Roll you own search engine on

Check out my Library Marketing Search Engine at for hosting web applications

Have you ever wanted to find a place on the web to host your address book?? Looking for a good server to host a database?? Here’s to meet all your web hosting needs. since 1996 is providing a platform for creating and hosting web applications. It classifies the applications into: DiscussionApp, ListApp, DBApp, CalendarApp, NewsApp and GroupApps.

A good choice to host data for free to a certain extent. Go ahead and try out creating different Apps at

Launch own website? Where?

Wanna launch your own website? Looking for the best web host?? But don’t know ABC of HTML or web design? Then, consult a web designing firm, spend some money and get it launched. Keep paying the firm often for site maintenance……………..and at last…turn a bankrupt!!!

Or, visit Shortal, a really really cool free web host. It not just hosts your web pages, but helps to build your own web site from the scratch. It doesn’t make any difference whether you know HTML or not. Shortal gives 50 MB of space for storing whatever you want to.

The most interesting thing about Shortal is that it has a built-in web page editor, which helps you build web pages instantly. It is WYSIWYG too!!! So, What You See Is What You Get.

And what’s more? Shortal has a built-in emailing, blogging and snip URL facilities. Oh, I’m short of words. Just visit

Read Newspapers Online

Everyone loves newspapers. From a common man to a scholar; from a librarian to a scrap shop owner, everyone loves newspapers for one reason or the other. We gain from newspapers when we own them. We do gain from them even when we dispose them. They’re so profitable in one way or the other.

But how about reading newspapers online? Interesting for some and… boring for others! Because they say “don’t get an appeal of print newspaper, when we read them online.” Wait! reading newspapers online? I meant, reading the digitized copy of a newspaper!!! Aha, here comes an interesting stuff!!! is a site which provides the digitized copies of 255 leading dailies from 55 countries!!! Uh, isn’t is great? lists the newspapers countrywise. Face pages can be viewed. But, needs a simple sign up to view other pages.

Check out the site at

BUBL Information Service for all…

I’m sure you will love to visit this site again and again once you know about it. BUBL Information Service is a catalogue of select Internet resources covering almost all academic subject areas. Interestingly, the site follows Dewey Decimal Classification for the arrangement of subjects!!! It also provides an alpha index at the top of the page. This is really a soothing site for an Information Professional. The whole Universe of Knowledge is at your fingertips once you visit BUBL Information Service site.

So, do check out BUBL Information Service and you will never say “oops! no information” again!!!

Best Free Reference Web Sites Combined Index

The American Library Association (ALA), Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) has issued a very comprehensive Index of Best Free Reference Web Sites, which are listed during 1999-2005. This is really a huge repository for the people, especially Library and Information Professionals.

Check this out at ALA | Best Free Reference Web Sites Combined Index

Websites you can trust

Wanna be a Cyberarian???But don’t have any idea where to look for Internet Resources??? There are many websites which a Cyberarian can really rely upon. Find a list of Websites you can trust at

Librarians’ Internet Index

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